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巫醫Witch Doctor


   Most believe the fearsome witch doctor of the umbaru race a legend, but I have seen one in battle with my own eyes. And it was difficult to believe, even then. He dispatched his opponent with terrifying precision, assaulting his victim's mind and body with elixirs and powders that evoked fires, explosions, and poisonous spirits. As if these assaults were not enough, the witch doctor also had at his command the ability to summon undead creatures from the netherworld to rend the flesh from his enemy's body.



    I came upon this rare display as I ventured deep into the interior of the dense Torajan jungles that cover the southern tip of the great eastern continent, in the vast area known as the Teganze, with the goal of seeking out the tribes that reside there. This area is extremely secluded, and heretofore unseen by foreign eyes. I was fortunate to befriend the witch doctor I saw in battle, and, through him, his tribe: the Tribe of the Five Hills.

    我能看到這種景象,是因為我當時正在進行尋找居住在特拉珍(Torajan)叢林深處部落的探險,特拉珍(Torajan)叢林位於廣闊的特蓋茲(Teganze)地區,密佈於此處的叢林覆蓋了整個東部大陸的南角。這個地區是完全與世隔絕的,而且到現在為止還沒有外來的人來看過。我很幸運的跟之前在戰鬥中看到的巫醫成為朋友,也透過他認識了他的部族:五山(Five Hills)族。Witch Doctor



    The culture of the umbaru of the lower Teganze is fascinating and perplexing to those hailing from more civilized walks of life. For instance, the Tribe of the Five Hills frequently engages in tribal warfare with both the Clan of the Seven Stones and the Tribe of the Clouded Valley, but these are matters of ritual and not of conquest. I had heard tales that these wars are waged in order that the victors may replenish their supply of raw materials for the human sacrifices that their civilization revolves around, and when I timidly asked my hosts more about this topic, I must admit their laughter made me fear for my safety. However, through stumbled attempts at communication of such complex topics as what constitutes heroism and honor in their society, I gathered that only those taken in battle are considered worthy of the ritual sacrifice, much to my relief.

    在特蓋茲的安巴姆族的文化是非常吸引人的,但是也讓來自文明社會的我感到困惑。舉例來說,雖然五山族常常與七石(Seven Stones)族和雲谷(Clouded Valley)族發生戰爭,但這都只是個儀式,卻不是想征服或佔領對方。我聽說戰爭的勝利者可以獲得足夠的活人來當作儀式中的祭品,以維持部族的文明世代相傳,當我戰戰兢兢的向部族主人打聽這個問題時,他的放聲大笑讓我非常惶恐。然而,儘管話題都是在膽顫心驚的情況下進行,不過也讓我了解他們社會如何構成勇氣和榮耀,而那些在戰鬥中死去的人都會被認為是有價值的犧牲,這才讓我安心了許多。d3


    Upon further discussions with my hosts, I discovered that these tribes define themselves by their belief in the Mbwiru Eikura, which roughly translates to "The Unformed Land" (this is an imprecise translation, as this concept is completely foreign to our culture and language). This belief holds that the true, sacred reality is veiled behind the physical one we normally experience. Their vitally important public ceremonies are centered upon sacrifices to the life force that flows from their gods, who inhabit the Unformed Land, into this lesser physical realm.

    在與部族主人談論了更多事情後,我發現這些部族都以Mbwiru Eikura為信仰中心,粗略的翻譯過來就是"無形國度(The Unformed Land)"(這是不太準確的翻譯,這種概念和我們的文化跟語言是完全不同的)。這種信仰認為真實、聖潔的現實隱藏在我們周圍。他們最重要的公眾儀式是以生命力來獻祭, 使其所有來自居住於無形國度之眾神進入渺小的人世間。


    The witch doctors are finely attuned to this Unformed Land and are able to train their minds to perceive this reality through a combination of rituals and the use of selected roots and herbs found in the jungles. They call the state in which they interact with this other world the Ghost Trance.

    巫醫於儀式中可以藉著在叢林中採集到根莖及草藥來訓練自身心智以理解和感知真理,來強化他們的思想,並且可以與無形國度溝通協調。他們把這種與另一個世界溝通的方法稱作靈魂出竅(Ghost Trance)。



     Alongside the primacy of the belief in the life force and the Unformed Land, the second most sacred belief of the tribes is their philosophy of self-sacrifice and non-individuality, of suppressing one's self-interest for the good of the tribe. This idea, so foreign to our culture, struck me as something I wished to delve into much more deeply.


    Unfortunately, there was intense social upheaval among the tribes due to an incident involving their most current war (inasmuch as I could discern in the ensuing bedlam), and the charged atmosphere warranted my quick departure before I could ask anything further of my hosts.


巫醫(Witch Doctor)職業技能介紹

巫醫(Witch Doctor)被動技能介紹


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